1. N

    VonSchrader VS2 Upholstery Extractor w/Hoses, Extraction Head, Foaming Head, Bag

    VonSchrader VS2 Upholstery Extractor w/ Hoses, Vacuum/Extraction Head, Power Foaming Head, Power Cord, User's Manual and Accessory Carrying Bag $1500 shipped OBO This upholstery extractor is used and works without any issues. The hard plastic case has a small hole in it right under the...
  2. Luky

    $3500 economy package

    I've finally decided to part with my old setup. I'm located in Joliet, Illinois, so I would like to see someone coming with a trailer and take following items: Mytee Escape, 230V, quad motors with a 2-6.6" two stage Lambs ( not LX) with a finest upgrade kit @goomer . Escape and generator have...
  3. J

    Von Schrader Upholstery Machine

    Hello - looking for some advice. We operate a carpet cleaning business and use only VLM methods on carpets. When it comes to upholstery we use a portable and extract using a low water wand. I was thinking of converting to a Von Schrader Aridex for upholstery because it more closely aligns...
  4. aknight

    2007 Carpet Cleaning Van, HydraMaster Titan 575 Truckmount, Equipment and Supplies READY FOR BUSINESS!

    Sale includes 2007 Ford Econoline E150 Series Van, Truck mounted HydraMaster Titan 575, fresh water tank, dump tank, water softener, solution hoses, vacuum hoses, carpet wand, swivel stair wand, upholstery and tile cleaning tools, air movers and the best carpet cleaning products and solutions...
  5. D

    24 year old Carpet & rug, upholstery cleaning, water restoration business for sale in Colorado Springs Colorado

    Services we provide: Carpet & rug & upholstery, tile & grout cleaning residential & commercial Carpet repair & installation residential & commercial Water damage restoration for residential and commercial. Duct system cleaning residential only. Well established business founded 1994. Multi...
  6. Symanz

    Upholstery dry cleaning

    Hello all, Bridgepoint Systems and Esteam discontinued their upholstery dry cleaning products and there is not a replacement. What do you use for a fabrics that are not wet cleanable?
  7. J

    Putting "Needle valve" on end of solution hose

    So I recently bought a new upholstery tool that has a "needle valve" or a knob that allows you to fine tune your cleaning pressure. I was thinking about putting one at the end of my solution hose. That way when I'm cleaning carpet, I can set my pressure on my truck mount as high as I'm going...