upholstery cleaning

  1. H

    Palliser leather sectional (polyurethane leather)

    Customer requested to have this leather sofa cleaned, but after some research it is not a real leather sofa it is a vegan leather (polyurethane). She paid a lot of money for it, and has cleaned to have steamed cleaned it herself. What is the best method to clean? It looks relatively clean...
  2. pgcleaner

    What's the deal with designer fabric?

    I have run into a few of these tags lately. (Pic attached). People tell me I can shampoo and dry vac it with no danger...but the chemical is water based....... Tag says "steam cleaning causes excessive staining"...but, there is no tag with the actual names of the fiber. It looks like fake...
  3. Nikolovskidzon

    Viscose upholstery cleaning

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new here and wandered if any of you know how to clean viscose upholstered furniture. Please let me know if you have any ideas. I have a picture of the tag that came with one piece I came across today. I've tried Haitian cotton foam but with 0 results. Thanks and enjoy your...
  4. J

    What do you think about this sofa?

    It looks like the thin polyester where old stains appear when introduced to water. I have Rob's Revive and Final rinse. I also have Rob's brown out. Do you think that is enough to do the job based on the photos?
  5. sofacleaningdublin

    Pre-Spray Burning Water Based Varnish

    I was doing few commercial jobs over the past few weeks and i sprayed some pre-treatment on an wood floor. Usually, there is no problem, but this time i noticed few bright patches appearing. The customer has not seen it so i got away with it but just for the future, has anyone dealt with such...
  6. N

    VonSchrader VS2 Upholstery Extractor w/Hoses, Extraction Head, Foaming Head, Bag

    VonSchrader VS2 Upholstery Extractor w/ Hoses, Vacuum/Extraction Head, Power Foaming Head, Power Cord, User's Manual and Accessory Carrying Bag $1500 shipped OBO This upholstery extractor is used and works without any issues. The hard plastic case has a small hole in it right under the...
  7. johng747

    FOR SALE: 2011 Prochem Truckmount - ONE OWNER - Orlando

    Start or Expand your own Carpet Cleaning Business with a Professional Prochem Legend GT Truck Mount Unit INCLUDES 300 ft of both solution and vacuum hose Hose Reels Unit has just over 2,000 hours and was operated by ONE owner. The truck mount received regular maintenance including oil...
  8. johng747

    FOR SALE: 2011 Prochem Legend GT in Orlando

    Start or Expand Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business With A Professional Prochem Legend GT Truck Mount Unit Includes 300 ft of both solution and vacuum hose Reels Included Unit has just over 2,000 hours ONE owner. The truck mount received regular maintenance including oil changes SERIOUS...
  9. VividCleaning

    Need Help With Viscose / Rayon Upholstery Cleaning Methods

    So lately as I am doing more and more upholstery cleaning I keep running into Viscose/Rayon furniture more often. For more durable fabric I still use a Steam cleaning but only after I explain all the risks to the client so far I haven't run into any problems but I am using only One Earth Rug and...
  10. Stain Ninjas

    Introduction from Stain Ninjas

    Hey there, we are a carpet and upholstery cleaning company operating in Wimbledon, UK. We've been in the business from 5 years and have many returning customers. Our team is very well-trained and equipped with the best machinery in the field to ensure our clients with outstanding results every...
  11. Dupont Circle Carpet Cleaning

    Organic Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

    If you ask for advice from any of the professional carpet cleaning firms you would know that you are not the only one who is suffering from carpet stain woes. You are just one of those numerous families who have small kids and pets about the house making it harder for you to keep your precious...
  12. shooky

    ideas on penetrating new markets

    I'm at a financial and demand level of adding a second van but need to create more business to support the investment. I am, however, tarnished with the experience of when I started out as it has taken me 3.5 years to get to this point. I've tried all methods (newsletters, fliers, door to door...
  13. greg2206

    Heater Portable Spotters

    I would like some advice or opinions on a heated portable spotter extractor. I am really looking at the Mytee Lite with a 1000 watt heating element as well as a 3 stage vacuum motor. I currently have five Sandia portables and very frustrated with the constant fixing the wires that attach the...