1. rob allen

    HWE (steam cleaning) vs VLM (dry cleaning) whats better for carpet cleaning?

    I know, I know it's not technically "steam cleaning" vs "dry cleaning". The proper definition for the acronyms, HWE & VLM, is Hot Water Extraction and Very Low Moisture. But most customers understand it as steam vs dry. Sadly so do some carpet cleaners. Heck its in the name so no wonder the...
  2. admin

    Featured Every Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Cleaners

    I have compiled up a list of every Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials for all TMF Members to enjoy. TruckMountForums: (Free Shipping on MOST products below) Counter Rotating Brushes (CRB's) HOS Orbot Machines Chemicals TMF Dang...
  3. hawkps

    steamway mastermatic omega 4200 water pressure not building

    I just bought this truck mount, just getting into the business, I was doing window cleaning before and thought carpet cleaning would be a nice addition. I got the manual from the steamway website and followed the instructions to turn it on, my goal was just to be able to have the water shoot out...