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truckmount for sale

  1. qaverett

    Buying equipment out west

    I'm new to this forum. I'm purchasing an existing carpet cleaning company which is profitable but is also using really old equipment. I live in the western United States area. I'm having trouble locating reputable dealers or distributors in my area where I can buy used or new equipment. Any...
  2. J

    2013 Chevy Express w/ CDS 4.8

    Chevy Express w/ 100k miles, runs great, no dents or dings. Hydramaster CDS 4.8 w/ 2500 hours, great suction and high temp. Freshwater tank/hose reel combo w/ electric reel. Comes with wand, stair tool, 2x RX-20, Sx-15, 2x HydroForce sprayers, Protimeter moisture meter, LGR dehumidifier, water...
  3. Davidjd67

    Low hour Truckmount for sale in Oregon

    I still have my low hour TMT 870 Sapphire Scientific for sale. It has been professionally maintained at Jon Don in Portland, Oregon, have all the records. I purchased it new as a package at the beginning of 2015 currently is on a 16’ trailer. If someone wants to get in the business or expand...
  4. U

    Closing down and looking to sell off my Prochem Bruin II truckmounts (3 of them)

    Hi i have 3 prochem bruin II truckmounts that are old but we used them everyday until the end of December when we decided to close down the business. They all work and have the waste tank included. I also have some Prochem wands and stairtools and upholster tools as well as a couple of tile...