trailer mount

  1. PagosaSteam

    Trailer Mount - $4,500

    Located in Southern Colorado. I built this small trailer mount to do some jobs on the side and then got busy with my regular job. I used a drop axle enclosed trailer so that it will fit into a standard garage and I added 1" of foam insulation on all 6 sides so that it is basically like a big...
  2. J

    TMT 1500 Trailer and Equipment for Sale $20k

    I own a 3 year old single axle Trailer with a Rage 1500 psi motor that I purchased new from TMT in October of 2016. I used it for about 1 year before my business transitioned into Hardwood Floors so I no longer need this equipment. The trailer comes with everything you need to start your own...
  3. T

    Trailer mount, low hours, TMT3000 with Stone & Carpet Tools

    Low hours TMT3000 and trailer. Used for side business and a few family properties maintenance. Only used for stone work, never used on carpet but includes carpet wand and carpet hand tool. Dual Axle Trailer - 8'x12'. Interior diamond plate, spray lined, shelving, hose/reel mounts, interior...
  4. T

    Van or trailer?

    Doing a poll and a suggestion post for pros and cons of each. Would you prefer one over the other? Would you change your mind if you could?
  5. Brent C

    DIVORCE SALE! Hotshot Trailer Mount System

    A couple years ago I put $20k into buying a new system to start a side profession. Then my wife emptied our savings (reserve business capital) and filed for divorce. I had to focus on the day job (digital marketer). So now the divorce is final and I owe her half of the value of the trailer so...
  6. RevolutionContracts

    new Trailer mount Video on Building Processes.

    I am on the finishing processes of this trailer , any suggestion , anything I should consider before i call it done ?