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  1. Matt M

    TMF Revolution Titanium Wand Opinions?

    I'm considering purchasing this wand as it looks like a well built and priced wand. I was wondering if anyone has bought one and has any reviews on it? I've messaged the sale team with some questions on it last week but unfortunately haven't received any response as of yet. It seems like it's a...
  2. ronman

    Wands? Titanium or Carbon Fiber

    After 5 years of porty cleaning, and finally getting a Prochem Legend, I thought it would be an easier job. Not necessarily so! The beast wand I got with my machine, combined with a 2" hose to the wand is brutal! I thought, no problem, I'll get used to it. Wrong! 6 months later, it still kicks...
  3. ronman

    Whats Your Favorite TM Wand/Glide Combo, and Why?

    I finally graduated to a TM, after 4 long years on a Recoil, (which I really like, I also have a speedster, but I prefer the recoil) and I'm pretty surprised at how much different it is. Not just heat, flow, pressure and suction, I expected that, hose wrangling, finding water,finding a drain...