tile & grout

  1. C

    (Mytee) Portables in Canada Help, Carpet and T&G.

    Hi all, So I've been doing some research on the new equipment I want and have settled on one particular company for most things. And that's about where the troubles began... My plan was a Mytee LTD12-LX plus the Hot Twin Turbo, T-handle spinner and some extras as I do carpet and a lot of...
  2. M

    Connecting pressure washer to a tile wand

    First time poster and very new to this entire business and on tight budget initially. I purchased a used Ninja classic to start cleaning carpets in my area. I was wanting to also utilize it to clean tiles. Obviously the psi is incredibly underwhelming in that task. Would it be feasible to use...
  3. TrevorOerding

    Grout Master

    I’m new to this business, but grout master is making things a little bit easier for me.
  4. Davidjd67

    Low hour Truckmount for sale in Oregon

    I still have my low hour TMT 870 Sapphire Scientific for sale. It has been professionally maintained at Jon Don in Portland, Oregon, have all the records. I purchased it new as a package at the beginning of 2015 currently is on a 16’ trailer. If someone wants to get in the business or expand...
  5. SuckItUp

    Buying a New Tile & Grout Spinner - What's Works for you?

    Thinking about buying the Turbo Force Hybrid 12 on the TMF site but would like opinions on what works best for you? Currently using a Mytee spinner (Worse buy ever) and wanting to upgrade to something that actually cleans. Thanks!
  6. N

    Advice on getting new customers

    Hey everyone! So I just started my very business cleaning tile and grout with a portable (we also will be waxing vct floors). I have prior experience from working with Cintas so I know how to do the work. I do need help though when it comes to getting business. I am doing commercial only but I...
  7. johng747

    FOR SALE: 2011 Prochem Truckmount - ONE OWNER - Orlando

    Start or Expand your own Carpet Cleaning Business with a Professional Prochem Legend GT Truck Mount Unit INCLUDES 300 ft of both solution and vacuum hose Hose Reels Unit has just over 2,000 hours and was operated by ONE owner. The truck mount received regular maintenance including oil...
  8. PistolPete

    All because she said no TM hoses through the house...

    And because I wanted to get one anyway...