tile and grout clean

  1. shooky

    ideas on penetrating new markets

    I'm at a financial and demand level of adding a second van but need to create more business to support the investment. I am, however, tarnished with the experience of when I started out as it has taken me 3.5 years to get to this point. I've tried all methods (newsletters, fliers, door to door...
  2. spencer5356

    Hydroforce SX-12 for Sale. Tile/ Hard Surface Spinner $400... Southern CA

    Selling my Hydroforce for a good price. I will sell it for $400 + shipping Condition is good. Not perfect. There are scratches on the front of the tool. As far as I am aware it functions very well. I am only selling because I will no longer be cleaning. Selling all tools and product Here are...