stair tool

  1. T


    I am trying to help my father sell off his carpet cleaning equipment and figured this would be a great place to do so! Everything listed has been garage kept and is in great condition. I can ship smaller items but I would prefer local transactions. The truck mount is a Prochem Legend GT with 355...
  2. Luky

    $3500 economy package

    I've finally decided to part with my old setup. I'm located in Joliet, Illinois, so I would like to see someone coming with a trailer and take following items: Mytee Escape, 230V, quad motors with a 2-6.6" two stage Lambs ( not LX) with a finest upgrade kit @goomer . Escape and generator have...
  3. L

    Long pole or handle for (hand polisher/buffer) motorized grout, tile, scrubber and carpet agitator (Hot Rod Handle)

    Hello, I've spent the last week reading through this forum and was hoping to get a little creative input. I've been using a few different brushes, attached to my drill, to scrub grout lines and tile, carpeted stairs, and stubborn stains in my carpet (before running my Big Green Machine to clean...
  4. andrewscarpetcare

    Mytee’s 8012ST Bentley Stair Tool Carpet Wand

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mytee’s 8012ST Bentley Stair Tool Carpet Wand? Any pros and cons are greatly appreciated!