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  1. clairebridges

    Rug Doctor Turned My Rug Yellow

    PLEASE help. I left a stain on my friend's white rug. Me, knowing nothing about rug cleaning, decided to use rug doctor to get the spot out. When I cleaned it, it looked perfect and back to normal. When it dried, the rug had yellowish spots left all over. Please tell me there is a way to get...
  2. J

    Maxim Advance carpet protector pros and cons

    Hey guys so what I've gathered is that Maxim advance is a great all around protector. Protects against stains as well as oil (not as good as Teflon based) and dry soil. Just in terms of FAQ's from customers, people of course always ask what if this or what if that, and I'm curious too. Is this...
  3. B

    Urine stains

    I have this terrible urine stain I ran into. What is the best method to get rid of it? I used bio break pre spray. Then rinsed with end zone rinse in my extractor.
  4. Johnny Bravo

    Can you remove a turmeric stain?

    I've got a client that has a 6 month old yellow stain from Turmeric. Has anyone here felt with that before? It's some kind of spice. Guy wants to know if I can get it out. I'm not sure what to tell him, I'm heading over there now to take a look at it. Thanks for any advice or help.