1. HouseCall Pro

    Housecall Pro <> TMF aren't done Yet

    Housecall Pro and TruckMount Forums have extended this amazing promotion until the END OF THE YEAR. Attend a demo with Housecall Pro and receive a $50 TMF Gift Card. Sign up with Housecall Pro and get the First 3 months 50% off. Book a demo using the link below ↙️
  2. HouseCall Pro

    TMF <> Housecall Pro Summer Promotion!

    Housecall Pro and Truckmount Forums team up again with a once in a lifetime summer promotion! Attend a demo with Housecall Pro and get a free $50 TMF gift card. It’s as easy as that! And best part...if you sign up for Housecall Pro you get your first 3 months 50% off! Don’t miss this amazing...
  3. cbsgosoft123

    Janitorial Bidding software

    “The bidding has just begun. It will be fascinating to see how the battle develops”, bidding is no less than waging a war amongst several other competitors to win a business contract. Given the fact that there are several players in the cleaning business, how you bid makes a lot of difference...
  4. HouseCall Pro

    Currently using Service Monster? Attend a Housecall Pro demo and receive a $50 gas card!

    Currently using ServiceMonster? Attend a Housecall Pro demo and receive a $50 gas card! *Mention TMF for an up to 30% off discount for life when you sign up!
  5. ExecVS

    ExecVS - New Inexpensive Time Tracking Software for CC

    Hello All, For those of you posting about inexpensive ways to track employee time, we are now offering a $36 a month forever option with unlimited users w/ code "track". Our software is simple and effective - employees clock in remotely using a toll-free #, you receive email alerts, and get...
  6. HouseCall Pro

    Revenues That Strike Down Bounties!

    Are you ready to get your business pumped into shape?! Click here to check out the HouseCall Pro Ultimate Warrior! Trust us, you won't be sorry. Don't forget, TMF members get a 20% discount for HouseCall Pro! Make sure you use this link to get your discount:
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    1 click will change your life forever!

    With One Click Set Up, switching to HouseCall Pro is as easy as can be! Transfer your service history, customer database, and price list, all at the push of a button. Now is the time to upgrade to the #1 rated field service management app! Do you use QuickBooks Online? If so, you can get fully...
  8. HouseCall Pro

    Step Up Your Email Subject Lines!

    Are you taking advantage of email marketing to boost repeat business, customer loyalty, and your bottom line? If not, now is the time to start. Hit a home run with your email marketing campaigns by writing exciting subjects! Check out all of the the DOs and DON'Ts of subject lines on our blog.
  9. HouseCall Pro

    NEW HouseCall Pro Features: Multi-Option Estimates & More!

    Newsletter & Updates What's New on the Web Portal Multi-Option Estimates You can now create and send multiple estimate options containing different line items, prices, and materials. To create estimate options, simply create an estimate normally and locate the '+ option' tab under the map...
  10. C

    Bidding/estimating software questions and advice?

    Hello everybody! I’m Chad from Cleaning Shark. I’ve been a lurker on these forums for a long time (under a different user name) and have utilized much of the advice provided by members to grow our cleaning business. For a little background, I own and manage (with a lot of help from my...
  11. HouseCall Pro

    Technology Or Die: How Service Businesses Must Evolve

    Technology Or Die: How Service Businesses Must Evolve By Kerry Hayden, Dec 10, 2015 2:38:12 PM In the Digital Age, no industry is safe from the toppling effect of technology. From Uber overturning taxi companies to Airbnb eclipsing the hotel industry, a wide array of businesses have been...
  12. T

    What Tools Are Out There?

    What software tools are out there to assist with CRM, order entry, billing & invoicing etc? What do you find is missing in the industry? We are a startup dev company and looking to build something the industry wants.
  13. T

    Paperless Everything?

    Who out there is aiming to go paperless everything? *Work orders *Reports *Client record keeping *Tablet based payments & on-site analysis Is this something that is popular in the industry?
  14. T

    License Purchase or Monthly As-A-Service?

    What is typical in the industry... do most of you purchase your biz mgmt. software outright once, or do you buy the monthly subscription types? What is most appealing and why?
  15. T

    What Tools Are Out There?

    Tiger-Sheep is a software development firm out of Portland, Oregon. We have recently done work in the industry and so it has lead to an exploration to see where else we can improve things. What softwares, both accounting, CRM, biz management, are out there currently that you love? What...
  16. HouseCall Pro

    HouseCall Pro Is Now FREE For Owner/Operators!

    Are you an owner/operator in the carpet cleaning field? Well TMF has some good news for you, we want to give you single owner/operatorsHouse Call Pro for FREE along with TMF Store coupons (at the bottom of email). HouseCall Pro is the best field service management platform in the market, we...