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    Excellent condition Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Generator & Drieaz Sahara Fan

    Excellent condition Odorox® Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Generator and Dri-eaz Sahara Pro X3 TurboDryer Air Mover The Odorox® Boss XL3™ is The right choice for large area odor control resulting from fires, flooding, sewer backup contamination, Musty mold odors, toxic odors and chemical spills. This unit...
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    How to clean smelly microwave oven

    Hi all, So first I had a problem with a burnt smell coming out of the microwave oven, probably due to some leftovers of food. After I cleaned it with vinegar, it helped very little, plus the oven started smelling of vinegar. Then I used a cleaning foam (GreatValue HeavyDuty Oven Cleaner, if...