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  1. S

    XeroxHost LLC Web Hosting Plan Starter

    You need seo of your site first submit your site in google to earn money.Then you buy hosting.This site is sell friendly hosting sell.See the discription, XeroxHost LLC Web Hosting Plan Starter Single websites Unlimited Storage Unlimited Bandwidth Free SSL Certificate Free site builder...
  2. missionjim

    Why SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc. isn't helping your business

    I've been in the digital marketing world a long time. Life has brought me into the restoration industry and I'd like to give back. First off, no I will not sell you anything. I am starting a restoration business and just want to give back and help other business owners who don't have 10+ years...
  3. T

    Need help with listings

    Hi guys, New to the forum, and very happy to be here. There is a lot of useful information on here, so i'm really happy to find out about this forum now. I am learning about local listings, but can't find the time to do it properly. Do you know of any services that can do it for you? I heard...
  4. Cee Bex

    Online Marketing Company Recommendation

    I am doing a shameless plug for my carpet cleaning web guy since he has hooked me up with a local lead generation solution and I am dominating my competition. The guy I work with is Bill Schultz and he and his wife own a digital marketing company in Wisconsin. I told him he could use me as a...
  5. Bruno Tabbi

    Google says “Calls to a business are worth at least 3x more than clicks to a website.”

    When you think about what you’ve been told regarding online advertising, it’s pretty hard to know what to trust. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising was supposed to be a great value, drive traffic to your site and make you tons of money. Well, if you did it then you know it works sometimes and...
  6. Johnathon Dirstein

    Social media marketing

    Hey everyone, I've spent a lot of money in the past marketing my business ( with VERY little return. The problem is your flyers/post cards aren't targeted. The video in the link above is directed at restaurants, but I think this could work out really well for cleaning type...
  7. ChemDryGuy88

    Any recommendations for an affordable SEO company?

    Hello, I own and operate a Chem-Dry franchise in Santa Clarita, CA. I wanted to see if anyone can recommend a good SEO company for local results. Trying to do SEO myself if very time consuming and tedious. I really am desperate to grow and expand my company since it had been slow lately. Any...