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  1. shane deubell

    Looking To Target Property Managers This Spring?

    This is a great blog on using a soft selling approach to connect with property management companies. This is a quick blog on selling carpet cleaning to property management companies and commercial property managers. Now the term property manager can change depending on what services you...
  2. Bruno Tabbi

    Google says “Calls to a business are worth at least 3x more than clicks to a website.”

    When you think about what you’ve been told regarding online advertising, it’s pretty hard to know what to trust. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising was supposed to be a great value, drive traffic to your site and make you tons of money. Well, if you did it then you know it works sometimes and...
  3. Wayne Byers

    End of Year Benchmarking vs Competition - Get ready for 2016

    Extending this opportunity for all Owners who are interested in receiving a benchmarking analysis vs +10 million transactions in the residential sector. We can help you uncover key areas for optimization in 2016. These key metrics can help you identify areas of improvement and gain further...
  4. Ron Musgraves

    Selling property management Technics / Systemize Sales Please Review my Private Facebook for more Details or ask here I have been Selling to Property management Industry for over 30 years now. I love Selling, make yours selling easy!!
  5. SuperWes

    Sell Yourself With Your Service - "Sell me this pen"

    Two of my favorite movies of all time are “Glenngarry Glenn Rose” and “Wolf of Wall Street”. What is it about those movies that make them so great? It’s the “Big Shot” factor that the main character portrays to be and the success that follows them. It’s what every top sales person wants to be or...