rust remover

  1. carpetcleaningdublin

    Rust & Iron Remover

    Hi Guys I am buying a new rust remover. This product is a bit more expensive because it has the word "iron" in it. I used to use Prochem Rust Remover but is not the best product out there. I just found this new company that charges 25 euro for 100 ML of rust & iron remover. They say that the...
  2. windowcleaningdublin

    Rust Remover - Iron Remover

    Hi Guys I use Craftex Rust, Iron & Mould Remover. Amazing product. Works instant on any type of rust stains. I had a chat with few other contractors and they told me that the word "iron" makes all the difference. Prochem Rust Remover does not contain the word Iron and this is the reason why is...