1. Scott W

    Hands-On Rug Washing class

    The dates and locations for the next Hands-On Rug Washing class for Your Market are now set. The 3 day class is May 14th - 16th in Orlando FL. This is the week after The Experience, so you may want to stay in Florida for both events. Doug Heiferman, Clark Lancaster and I will be instructing. We...
  2. Joe The plumber

    Extremely stinky wool RUG that has been havvily soaked with urin for a long time

    This is my first off site area rug cleaning so I can use any help that you guys can kindly extend toward me. Ive recently picked up 8x10 (80sqf) 50 years old low quality machine made wool rug that is heavily soaked with dogs urine deep inside and all across the rug also this rug is extremely...
  3. M

    Question about the Rug Doctor

    I have rented the Rug Doctor professional machine from Walmart numerous times and I want to buy one to have. I have ran across two different types of Rug Doctor machines: This one: (this is the one I typically rent from Walmart expect its red) And this one: I see these all over ebay. Is...