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rug cleaning

  1. Stain Ninjas

    Introduction from Stain Ninjas

    Hey there, we are a carpet and upholstery cleaning company operating in Wimbledon, UK. We've been in the business from 5 years and have many returning customers. Our team is very well-trained and equipped with the best machinery in the field to ensure our clients with outstanding results every...
  2. Dupont Circle Carpet Cleaning

    Organic Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

    If you ask for advice from any of the professional carpet cleaning firms you would know that you are not the only one who is suffering from carpet stain woes. You are just one of those numerous families who have small kids and pets about the house making it harder for you to keep your precious...
  3. Scott W

    Hands-On Rug Washing class

    It’s time to make your plans for a Hands-On Rug Washing class this fall. @Doug Heiferman and I and hopefully a few other rug experts will be leading the group. A learning experience and some fun. You will be cleaning rugs that bleed, rugs that stink, rugs that shrink, delicate old rugs, and...
  4. rob allen

    My 1st Rug Sucker use - Impressed!

    Ok I'm a believer. We picked up this braided rug from a very poor father who has a special needs teenager. No longer able to afford or have the ability to take care of her he put her in a special private home care facility. Someone donated the rug but the girl loses motor skills on and off so...
  5. rob allen

    Rug Sucker in action video!

    I was really impressed with testing the Rug Sucker in Vegas. Bought the 3rd unit. Here are my initial thoughts from Youtube. OK I must admit this product surprised me in Vegas. We all know you eventually need a rug centrifuge to clean a large volume rugs with. Drying times are a killer. But...