1. J

    Selling used Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Odor

    Well maintained and asking $1500 OBO. It only has 1683 hours of use.
  2. E

    Certified® Pile Brush - Model S110 The Only Dry Extraction Machine in the Industry

    Certified® Pile Brush Model S110 Original cost: $2,375.23 Asking: $1099 EXCELLENT CONDITION! INCLUDES ORIGINAL RECEIPT, MANUAL, AND PAPERWORK. Used only twice. Includes lots of bags. Feel free to contact/call/text 760-490-3391 I will deliver to the Southern California area. Keep scrolling...
  3. NorthStarPro

    VCT Composition & Cleaning Advice

    Hi all. I'm currently working in a VCT job that has become a nightmare. The current floor is 6500 square feet of grocery space. The VCT looks to have lost the entire upper hard surface and is starting to powder due to excessive use. These tiles are thirsty and soak up the water, stripper and...
  4. J

    Selling Prochem Legend Truckmount, Romulus MI

    Make me an Offer. Purchased for 18k. Electric hose Reel Waste water Tank 70 gFresh water tank Shelves for chemicals Everything in picture for sell. 2016 transit Call me (248)-905-1480
  5. J

    Selling used Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Odor

    Well maintained and asking $1500 OBO
  6. J

    Selling Used Fireline System for Contents Restoration

    The FIRELINE Series I includes the APW 4800 Pre washer, APC 4800 Ultrasonic Cleaner, Oversize RDS 4800 Rinse Detail Station and TD 8000 High Volume Tunnel Dryer . This production line is in like new condition and was well maintained. Asking $10k for the full system OBO.
  7. MattWithAdvancedCarpet

    Tornado Damage

    Doing a job this morning in a town hit by a serious tornado. I do a lot of work in this town and am still getting called to clean what is left to clean.
  8. Scott W

    Attention Restoration companies

    Restoration company owners and marketers: This is an excellent class that does not come around very often, just twice per year. Most of you know Jeff Cross who presents the social media portion of this marketing class. Peter Crosa is a working adjuster with over 30 years experience. He will...
  9. Scott W

    Restorers- Do you want more jobs?

    Talking to many restoration managers, they say getting past the gatekeeper, having a chance to talk with adjusters and book a job is a difficult as processing the restoration. Peter Crosa, who is an experienced insurance adjuster and Jeff Cross of Cleanfax are teaching a one day class called...
  10. CTI Courtney

    Odor Solutions By: Pro's Choice

    Odor Solutions by Pro's Choice We recently attended the Contractor's Connection Convention in Las Vegas where we debuted our line of odor control products geared towards restoration, Odor Solutions by Pro's Choice. Here is a brief rundown of this amazing lineup of products What's New? The...
  11. David Hart

    Ozone Explained

    Ozone is used widely in the cleaning and restoration industry... But what is ozone? How does it work? How is it made- naturally and commercially? We address these questions (and more) in the following 4 minute video.
  12. Scott W

    Inventory Blowout Sale

    A big blowout of excess inventory on Blowout 2015&page=1 A couple hundred items that we have too many of and want to get rid of to make space. Discount from 10% to 70%. Check it out. Some items we only have 3 or 4 left. For a few items we...