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    I have a newer diamond products GTXR+ from janitors closet in tampa where i was living have had problems from the start of & on with what we are assumeing is vapor lock gets hot & shuts down if it sits for 1 hour it will start up no problem AND run for about 10 minuts does any body have any in...
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    Bulk Hoover Parts for Sale New

    Selling Various new hoover parts. 2 pallets roughly 120 ~ boxes of new hoover parts. This is older stock and I don't sell Hoovers any more. Parts are for anything from Conquests to Wind-tunnels and Steamers . 500$ for the lot plus shipping . Estimates available for shipping.

    My Pex 500 is leaking and soaking my clients floors

    Hello, has anyone experienced a leaking portable machine? My Pex 500 leaks every time I spray my hose and the water leaks to the bottom of my machine and wets my customers floors. After opening my machine I noticed that the water was coming from a hole at the top of the machine. Is there...
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    Blower Repairs?!?!

    Needing blower repairs? I'm a certified lead blower technician in Kansas City, Missouri area. I have been factory trained on Roots, Gardner Denver, and Tuthill blowers. We match all factory warranties on all rebuilds, and we have access to all types of repair kits, oil, grease, and parts. If...
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    Truck Mount Machine Repairs (AFTER warranty)

    Hi Everyone - Just wondering how everyone repairs their machines AFTER the warranty period is over. I live in Columbus, Ohio and can't find any information on machine repairs.... or who in the area would do repairs. I tried to Google it as well with no luck. I'm interested in Prochem and...
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    New pump problem for TM

    Hello, I could use some help with an issue we are having with a new pump we recently installed on our Amtex Prowler. We spoke to Ben before installing & were told the pump we are using should work fine. I am waiting for Ben to get back to me but I figured it would be a good idea to get some...