pressure washer

  1. R

    need to buy a water broom

    Hi. I need to buy a water broom, and I hope somebody can recommend some for me. I have been looking for a good one on google for several days. Does anyone use this one? It's inexpensive. Thanks in advance
  2. M

    Connecting pressure washer to a tile wand

    First time poster and very new to this entire business and on tight budget initially. I purchased a used Ninja classic to start cleaning carpets in my area. I was wanting to also utilize it to clean tiles. Obviously the psi is incredibly underwhelming in that task. Would it be feasible to use...
  3. pressurecoach

    Pressure Coach

    It seems like pressure washer manufacturers are competing with one another about who has the most powerful unit, but many of them completely ignore the fact that people need a small, compact pressure washer for simple cleaning. Fortunately, there are two or three brands who have perceived the...
  4. S

    2 Truckmounts and Hot water pressure washer

    35hp Steambrite machine has huge heat exchangers 4007 blower waste tank water box etc. We test ran it and it works perfect and makes lots of heat, it's compact to fit in smaller van and sold for18k new. Less than 1 hour on it just to test run $6,500 firm. Big skid power washer with Honda 690...
  5. A

    AR Blue Clean AR630-HOT

    Does any one has or know something about these pressure washer ? The manufacture says that it can produce 180 F
  6. RevolutionContracts

    new Trailer mount Video on Building Processes.

    I am on the finishing processes of this trailer , any suggestion , anything I should consider before i call it done ?
  7. RevolutionContracts

    Machine pump Idea / concept

    Ok i am working on a pressure washer unit , i bought a 22 HP engine to run a 8 GPM pump at 3500 PSI /cold, I have other pressure washer that runs a 5.7 GPM 18 HP at 3500 psi hot My truckmount runs a 25 hp to a 2.2 GPM max PSI 1500 - and a blower i believe it is a #4 gardener . can i build...