1. HouseCall Pro

    Enter to win Prespray for an entire YEAR + 20 Runner Ups!!

    Housecall Pro teamed up with TMF to provide you all with an entire years worth of PRESPRAY and TMF Academy Courses. Offering up to 20 runner ups (10 in July, 10 in August) with Groutmaster & Biopro 10k too! Just attend a FREE demo with Housecall Pro and get entered to win! Runner ups get...
  2. rob allen

    Secret Formula Prespray now available!

    Say your last goodbyes to hard to clean nylon, olefin and polyester carpets and say hello to the new Secret Formula. For a year we have been working on developing a mega concentrated cleaning formula to clean any carpet with ease including dreaded polyesters. We developed a secret component that...
  3. RAW Prespray

    How much Butyl Ether affects Internal Organs?

    2-Butoxyethanol, also known as Glycol Ether, EB, Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether to name a few, is a non-biodegradable petroleum-based solvent that is in most carpet cleaning pre sprays. So how much Butyl Ether will affect your internal organs? I’ll use a very popular powdered pre spray as an...