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  1. Predict

    Home advisor experience

    Unless you can afford to pay $25-30 for a $80-100 job stay away. Unless you can afford to pay $20-30 for multiple people price shopping stay away. Home advisor is awful for small business or business that can't charge big min fees. They keep me on the phone for 10-20min to refund a job then...
  2. Bruno Tabbi

    Google says “Calls to a business are worth at least 3x more than clicks to a website.”

    When you think about what you’ve been told regarding online advertising, it’s pretty hard to know what to trust. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising was supposed to be a great value, drive traffic to your site and make you tons of money. Well, if you did it then you know it works sometimes and...
  3. gregshulz

    Question about ppc marketing

    Hello, Im recently new to the carpet cleaning business. I currently partnered with a marketing firm (the firm is a premier SMB Google Ad partner). Our PPC budget is 950$ a month. The marketing executive told me that budget should land me about 2 - 3 jobs a day (he will be using key words like...