1. C

    (Mytee) Portables in Canada Help, Carpet and T&G.

    Hi all, So I've been doing some research on the new equipment I want and have settled on one particular company for most things. And that's about where the troubles began... My plan was a Mytee LTD12-LX plus the Hot Twin Turbo, T-handle spinner and some extras as I do carpet and a lot of...
  2. vzwjustin

    portable Sandia 80-2100

    Hey, y'all I just purchased the "Sandia 80-2100 non-heated Sniper 12-Gallon" that I got on a REALLY good deal. The unit is ok, but it seems it doesn't provide enough cleaning power as the carpet sometimes is clearly still wet even after multiple dry passes with a 1.5" 25ft hose on multiple...
  3. C

    Olympus M3-200H Porty

    Purchased earlier this year and used on half a dozen homes. Everything is like new. Tanks still have that new car smell if you know what I mean. I am currently in Sarasota, FL but will be traveling north to Fairfax, VA in about a week. I will be available to drop off any of this equipment along...
  4. K

    Best Heated Portable for around $3k

    Looking for a heated portable as a spare/backup for carpet and upholstery cleaning where the truckmount isn't accessible (apartments, not a ton of commercial but some). The ability to clean tile with it would be a huge bonus. What specs matter the most? Would like to compare Nautilus, Ninja...
  5. Awll

    Clean dynamix 500 psi carpet extactor $2000.00

    Clean dynamix 500 psi carpet extactor for sale, has some normal wear but works great.
  6. MeticulousChris

    Looking for equipment recommendations for a bio cleaning company

    I have a bio cleaning company and about 75% of what I do is cleaning up poop. Dog, cat, people, etc.. and it can be on anything -- tile bathrooms, carpet, linoleum, walls, etc. Usually the space is a cramped house. I'm not working in offices or restaurants with big open spaces (little bathrooms...
  7. J

    Portables and RX-20 For Sale

    We are DNA Pro Cleaning & Restoration in Springfield Va. We have over 800+ 5 star reviews! Today we’re clearing out some items that we no longer use but are still in good condition! 1) Carpet Cleaning Rx-20 Rotary - $1000 2) Dual 3 Stage - Rotovac Ranger CFX Portable Machine w/ 27 Gallon...
  8. P

    Tornado Marathon 800 $800

    Self contained carpet extractor 8 Gallon portable used but works great.
  9. E

    Where to Begin?

    Hey guys, I'm 18, working part-time for a family business, and looking to start a small carpet cleaning company in my spare time and on weekends. I have done some small residential and one light commercial for friends and family and could find some jobs through a local realtor who is a long-time...
  10. Luky

    Edic Endeavour , SX -15, SX - 15

    You might remember items for sale advertised by @NEO Cleaners . It was unfortunate turns of events which prompted him to try to sell his equipment. It was my pleasure to meet this young man and pay him more than he asked( not what he deserved). Now, with no pressure put on any of you...
  11. palmerdad

    Steamin Demon carpet cleaning machine

    Selling a steamin demon machine. It's older but works well. These things are built like tanks and parts are readily available if ever needed. If you're not familiar with these they cost over $3000 new. They hook up to a hot water faucet with one hose and the other one gets put in the drain...
  12. R

    Ed Valentine

    First off, I'm not here to promote a product. I'm not here to kiss butt, although it may seem that way after you read this. But when I call a company and start speaking with some random guy for 20 minutes, never feeling like I'm being sold something, and not being told who I'm speaking with...
  13. P

    2018 1200 PSI Portable and 5x8 Trailer $3900

    I recently bought a truck mount and really don't have much use for this portable setup anymore. I did very well cleaning carpet and tile & grout with this machine. I have other goodies to go along with the package. Willing to separate equipment from trailer. See Craigslist ad below for pics...
  14. F

    for sale us products 1200 king cobra portable extractor $ 3900

    slightly used machine. Not over 100 hours. powerful 1200 psi pump pressure washes tile and grout and a strong 7.2" 3-stage vacuum immediately vacuums up the loosened soil and excess water, leaving floors clean and dry and ready to use with minimal downtime. As a carpet extractor, adjustable...
  15. Dedicated

    Equipment for sale

    2 Cimexs, one needs new pad holders, 4 portables(one needs new pump) all have hose sets,cords and wands and a couple extra wands, 3 spotting machines, 5 rubbermaid cans with dollies, carpet dying kit, mold testing(air sampling) kit. can text or email photos upon request. I'm located in Birdsboro...
  16. IsaiahT

    Best portable for my new rotovac Power-wand

    (Title was supposed to say portable not piety. Haha!) Hey guys, I'm new to this business and just found a steal of a deal on a Power-wand from Rotovac. I'm trying to figure out what kind of portable unit I should use and if I shall have a standard wand on hand as well. Also would love some...
  17. Wal3r1

    Generator question

    Hey new here, just starting out wanted to start small maintain my current job. So I purchased a Sandia Sniper 12 Gallon Commercial Carpet Extractor 500 PSI 3 Stage Fan with Heat 80-3500-H. With that I would also like to do car cleaning, and was wondering what type of generator would work...
  18. RRRyan

    Gear so far. Suggestions for first portable.

    Just started. Have 2 jobs lined up for Thursday. Will rent a HWE portable. For the future I need something affordable, I don't mind taking a little longer to finish the job. Looking into a Sandia sniper 12 gallon 300psi Dual 3-stage 2 cord Purchasing from this website Price: $1625...
  19. RRRyan

    First Job. Newbie tips w/ equipment.

    I cleaned this lady's exterior/interior windows(2 story) for $400 bucks. Now she hired me to clean the carpets of her 2 living rooms and 1 flight of stairs. Saturday. carpets are clean, not sure what kind yet. gonna go to carpet store tomorrow and do some research. I purchased an Oreck...
  20. RRRyan

    Las Vegas! Selling a portable?

    interested in picking up a portable. 300psi minimum. Have cash now. Let me know what you got.
  21. Clean-Team

    Rotovac Bonzer On HF Nautilus Portable - 500PSI - Diesel Heat

    This thing is nuts....!
  22. greg2206

    Heater Portable Spotters

    I would like some advice or opinions on a heated portable spotter extractor. I am really looking at the Mytee Lite with a 1000 watt heating element as well as a 3 stage vacuum motor. I currently have five Sandia portables and very frustrated with the constant fixing the wires that attach the...

    Tennant Nobles EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

    We have a bunch of these in stock. Great for maintenance cleaning in schools, movie theaters and other large areas. $1399 plus freight. Tennant’s EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor cleans small areas and fits under furniture for a more complete clean: Clean under desks and counters with...
  24. G

    Need porty heater plumbing help

    I have an old mytee 1005 dx (2001). Cat pump went out. I've replaced everything except clamshell and wiring. Found a used cat pump to replace broken one BUT it won't fit unless I remove the heater. I need heater plumbing help. It's an adjustable pump 0-600 psi as was the previous pump. The...
  25. Steve621

    My portable smell like its burning?

    My portable is only a month old and recently started smelling like its burning when in use. Any ideas on why that could be? Thanks!