pet stains

  1. gordon qian

    urine stain remover by bridgepoint effectiveness

    Has anybody tried the urine stain remover made by bridgepoint (same company made biobreak, flex citrus, flex ice etc)? How effective is it removing old dog/cat yellow urine stains and its odor? I got it for half the price as the usor unchained from my local distributor, but realizing its missing...
  2. scottgriffin89

    Urine on Wool rug

    We have a rug that has several small urine stains from a dog. The rug is wool, we have tried to use rugsmack and rugsmack with a very small amount of Pure O2, with little to no results. Any help or advice is appreciated.
  3. scottgriffin89

    Removing Cat Urine Stains

    Had a job a few weeks ago that we did, homeowner has about a half a dozen cats, and there are cat urine stains EVERYWHERE. We did use Pure O2, and it did remove the majority of the stains, but there were some that were not budging at all. Looking for anything else that might help us out in the...
  4. M

    Wool carpet bleached out after spot cleaning dog urine

    A long-time client with wool carpet is wanting us to replace the carpet because the last few times my husband has been there to spot clean the areas showed color loss. He has used the same product, Stain Magic for Wool, on several previous spot cleaning for dog urine at her home without ever...