1. GoTexan

    Can an Orbot Resurface Stone?

    Has anyone used the Vibe or Sprayborg to resurface stone? Would really appreciate hearing about your experience. Have been waiting for Orbot to give me answers on stone work for 2 weeks literally. Even a reply from their Pres promising me info and then nothing. TIA
  2. P

    Looking for some good used equipment.

    I'm looking for the following equipment, used, and in good working condition as well as appearance. Chemspec Chemstractor Von Schrader Esprit HOST Freestyle Let me know what you have. I have some equipment I'd be willing to trade as well or can pay cash. Prefer to trade straight across but not...
  3. rccva

    Orbot Sprayborg For Sale

    Selling my Sprayborg - everything works - $2,300 + shipping
  4. orbotusa

    Less than 48 hours left! Orbot Vibe Introductory Promotion

    Less than 48 hours left on our Vibe introductory sale. Don’t miss your chance to own the latest machine from Orbot USA. Offer expires February 14 (11:59pm PST) Note: For any customers that have filled out our online pre-purchase form and have not been contacted by email, please call us directly...
  5. Johnny Bravo

    Orbot Honeymoon over?

    So I've been using my Orbot coming up on two years. I have a few commercial jobs I use it on monthly. Yesterday while doing a CGD at a Dentist's Office the thing fell apart. What is the fix? How much money? Is there a better pad driver option out there? Been thinking about making my own...
  6. rob allen

    Unboxing the new Gravity VLM by Hos Orbot! (Video)

    Hos has stepped up its game by introducing the Gravity. Basically its the same as the Sprayborg but with a gravity tank. And without the bigger price tag! Love these machines! So much so we became a distributor for them. The fit, feel and construction cannot be matched! Enjoy!