1. W

    Bulk Hoover Parts for Sale New

    Selling Various new hoover parts. 2 pallets roughly 120 ~ boxes of new hoover parts. This is older stock and I don't sell Hoovers any more. Parts are for anything from Conquests to Wind-tunnels and Steamers . 500$ for the lot plus shipping . Estimates available for shipping.
  2. CleaningAgent

    New To The Game, Seeking Hands-On Training In Twin Cities MN

    Hi I'm new to the carpet cleaning scene, but it seems like a great opportunity to be my own boss and decide the limits (or lack thereof) of my own success. I'm hoping to get in touch with an experienced carpet cleaner here in the twin cities to get some hands on training (carpet...
  3. NewGuy2020

    Possible water pump

    Hey guys my name is Jerome From New Jersey , husband and father of two. I recently was laid off and took some of my savings and purchased a truck mount “ blue like blue wave” found a cheap van and here I go. Recently while trying to run the unit for one of my first times. I flip the pump...
  4. E

    Where to Begin?

    Hey guys, I'm 18, working part-time for a family business, and looking to start a small carpet cleaning company in my spare time and on weekends. I have done some small residential and one light commercial for friends and family and could find some jobs through a local realtor who is a long-time...
  5. Wal3r1

    Generator question

    Hey new here, just starting out wanted to start small maintain my current job. So I purchased a Sandia Sniper 12 Gallon Commercial Carpet Extractor 500 PSI 3 Stage Fan with Heat 80-3500-H. With that I would also like to do car cleaning, and was wondering what type of generator would work...
  6. RRRyan

    Gear so far. Suggestions for first portable.

    Just started. Have 2 jobs lined up for Thursday. Will rent a HWE portable. For the future I need something affordable, I don't mind taking a little longer to finish the job. Looking into a Sandia sniper 12 gallon 300psi Dual 3-stage 2 cord Purchasing from this website Price: $1625...
  7. Helix Cleaning LLC

    Just cleaned my first carpet yesterday..

    Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. So I cleaned my first carpet yesterday by myself and I wrote down a few questions along the way that popped into my head. If you guys don't mind answering some of them I think it can help both me and the newer CC'ers out! Questions...
  8. Carlos Raimundi


    hey I'm new to carpet cleaning i will like to know if anyone know what chemicals to use and where to buy them .i was thinking on buying a 175 with a tank or a hos spray burg any advise on that ? i will be doing 70% residential 20% commercial any advice techniques and tip i will appreciate thank...
  9. Predict

    Knowing your chemicals

    I'm very new to the business with no experience in carpet cleaning before hand. My main concern is knowing what and how much chemical to use. How much prespray or soap to use? Or trying to remove coffee stains or red stains what chemicals I'm allowed to mix to make it stronger or how much I need...
  10. S

    Where to get water when using a portable??

    I'm a noob just getting into the business. I will be using the CFX/Ranger only to start with and was wondering where you guys get your water from if you only have a porty? Sure I can connect to the customer's sink, but is that really acceptable? I feel like the customer will not like that. "By...
  11. Mary Dixon

    Hello Truck Mount Forums!

    Good Morning everyone! My name is Mary, and I'm one of the newest staff members here at Truck Mount Forums! I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and give everyone the opportunity to get to know me! I am one of the social media specialists, which means I'm going to be updating all of...