new business

  1. N

    I could really use some guidance. It would mean the world to a soon-to-be business owner.

    So, I need a little bit of ‘hand-holding’ and I hope you all can help me, or at least point me towards some helpful resources, such as by sending useful links. My plan is to start a commercial cleaning business, starting just with myself as the sole employee and hopefully growing from there...
  2. newcarpetguy84

    New to carpet clean business

    Hey everyone, I’m new and look to get into carpet cleaning? Would what would be a nice set up for a TM, what size of van would work? Would you use a compact cargo? Or would you need something longer? Trying to find a great place to start from Chems to Wands thanks everyone for your help
  3. H


    Look at site!
  4. NewGuy2020

    Possible water pump

    Hey guys my name is Jerome From New Jersey , husband and father of two. I recently was laid off and took some of my savings and purchased a truck mount “ blue like blue wave” found a cheap van and here I go. Recently while trying to run the unit for one of my first times. I flip the pump...
  5. N

    Advice on getting new customers

    Hey everyone! So I just started my very business cleaning tile and grout with a portable (we also will be waxing vct floors). I have prior experience from working with Cintas so I know how to do the work. I do need help though when it comes to getting business. I am doing commercial only but I...
  6. IsaiahT

    Best portable for my new rotovac Power-wand

    (Title was supposed to say portable not piety. Haha!) Hey guys, I'm new to this business and just found a steal of a deal on a Power-wand from Rotovac. I'm trying to figure out what kind of portable unit I should use and if I shall have a standard wand on hand as well. Also would love some...
  7. At-Ease Commercial Cleaning

    Cleaning Checklist

    We are getting started in the business and will be bidding a dentist office tomorrow. Could anybody provide me with a checklist of services included that you go over with the customer thanks! Any other tips would be great! Thanks all.
  8. K Wiens

    Little to invest, hard work ethic, rural area HELP!?!?

    My name is Kris and I am moving from beautiful Colorado with my wife and 15 month little girl to Iowa where her side of the family lives. The area we are moving to temporarily, with her folks, is VERY rural. Our goal is to buy a cheap home out there since we could use our equity from our...
  9. RRRyan

    First Job. Newbie tips w/ equipment.

    I cleaned this lady's exterior/interior windows(2 story) for $400 bucks. Now she hired me to clean the carpets of her 2 living rooms and 1 flight of stairs. Saturday. carpets are clean, not sure what kind yet. gonna go to carpet store tomorrow and do some research. I purchased an Oreck...
  10. tyrone

    well I found a truck mount

    okay guys if you have been reading my post you know I've been looking for a truck mount. i think i struck gold (hopefully) i found a 2006 ford e 350 187 on body engine replaced two years ago with warranty. the machine inside id a hydra master direct drive cds. the price is 4K. I'm taking it up...
  11. Janitorial and Restoration Hub

    TruckMounts for sale in Nashville

    Happy Wednesday! I was unable to get the classifieds section to work, but I wanted to list a truck mount unit I have for sale. This unit is currently loaded in a Trailer. 6x10. It includes everything needed to start working today. Prochem Legend XL 1100 Hours Fully serviced by Prochem...