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  1. I

    Need advice

    Hello Folks i have Masterbland El Diablo which I am using since long time 5 yrs now I am trying to get another unit but unfortunately Masterbalnd are backed up for more then 2 months behind there production so debating to buy new SS 570 Apex or still go with El Diablo which I am very much used...
  2. Symanz

    Looking for a parts

    Hello all, I know this is a wrong forum, but I could not find where to post my question. We own an older version of Perfect Pleat Pleating machine. Over the years, the machine steam wand, handle and hose worn out and we need a replacement. I am wondering if someone sells the items I am looking?
  3. S

    White Magic Rebel - Need help!

    I purchased a used White Magic Rebel...not sure of age...but it was a great deal and couldn't pass it up! After getting it home and going through it, we ran into a problem... Whoever had it before us obviously decided that they needed to re-run the lines to the unloader and to the chemical feed...