1. bryonb03

    How to clean suede

    I am looking for some help with upholstery cleaning!! I have a customer tomorrow that would like her sectional cleaned. Customer believes that it may be suede. It looks to me to be micro fiber. I have never cleaned suede before so I was looking at the expertise of this group for any help...
  2. M

    Microfiber Towels | Suggestions or Tips

    Looking for some microfiber recommendations. Has anyone tried any Amazon brands? Companies like Towel Titan have told me they get the same towels as Chem Guys, Rag Company, and Meguiars overseas and price them for professionals. Anyone tried these or other brands? I would rather value shop or...
  3. N

    Dye transfer to microfiber cushions

    The black mesh like fabric underneath the seat cushions of a couch has transferred faintly onto the off-white microfiber of the cushion itself. Any suggestions on anything that will remove the blackish-blue dye that has transferred onto the microfiber? Thank you!