1. K

    El Diablo Low Pressure

    Guys, I have an El Diablo with some issues. We just replaced the seals in the CAT pump but we're still getting low pressure. When I turn on the truckmount I get great pressure at first. However, after I let go of the trigger on the wand, i can't get the pressure to return. It will trickle but...
  2. Mary Dixon

    From MasterBlend!!

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  3. Spotless Flooring

    Inspecting EI Diablo - What to look for?

    Sunday I'm going to inspect a van and El Diablo truckmount. It currently has about 800 hours on it and no problems were mentioned. I'm going to look it over Sunday and possibly purchase. I have a good mechanical understanding of them but no experience with the El D specifically. I was...