1. visaldigital

    Best Web Development Company in UAE | Web Design Company UAE

    Best Web Development Company in UAE | Web Design Company UAE Digital Links is the Best Web Development Company in UAE, specialized in website development, website design Your website will be cross platform ready, user friendly and optimal track...
  2. T

    Yelp advertising

    So I'm a relatively new floor cleaning business. I started Dec 2019. So far all of my work has been obtained from Yelp. But I'm so torn by their fees and I feel like I'm getting screwed as it feels like they pick and choose what "they feel" is right. Plus I feel that people who request services...
  3. carpetcleaningdublin

    Do leaflets still work?

    Hi Guys I was thinking to do a bit of extra advertising before Christmas. I am ok online but i want to attract the older market as well, people that don`t use the internet that much. I was thinking to do a campaign with 15k leaflets to cover my area. My wife is totally against it because most...
  4. L

    Recommendations of good companies to get on their approved vendor list

    Any recommendations on good companies that send out carpet/tile cleaning business that we can sign up with? I know in previous businesses I've owned there was always a middle company (like a warranty company) that would take orders and send them out to their signed on vendors and you let them...
  5. C

    Googles's new algorithm; is it affecting your traffic?

    So, Google rolled out a new algorithm. I was capitalizing on the traffic from Google Business Places, but it seems like there has been a drop. I use only white hat tactics so my traffic should not be affected. Is anyone else experiencing a drop or a sudden uptick in their traffic? Here is the...
  6. Predict

    Home advisor experience

    Unless you can afford to pay $25-30 for a $80-100 job stay away. Unless you can afford to pay $20-30 for multiple people price shopping stay away. Home advisor is awful for small business or business that can't charge big min fees. They keep me on the phone for 10-20min to refund a job then...
  7. Ian Harper & Cleanavangelist

    Joe Polish Has The X Facor

    This is not a promotion for Joe or I did not get paid for this article. I have meet Joe once at a boot camp in 1999 where I learnt how to market my maid service using his direct response marketing that he was teaching to carpet cleaners in my maid service business in the UK Joe is a very...
  8. HouseCall Pro

    Currently using Service Monster? Attend a Housecall Pro demo and receive a $50 gas card!

    Currently using ServiceMonster? Attend a Housecall Pro demo and receive a $50 gas card! *Mention TMF for an up to 30% off discount for life when you sign up!
  9. Scott W

    Attention Restoration companies

    Restoration company owners and marketers: This is an excellent class that does not come around very often, just twice per year. Most of you know Jeff Cross who presents the social media portion of this marketing class. Peter Crosa is a working adjuster with over 30 years experience. He will...
  10. Real Green

    Manage and Grow Business

    Anyone ever use a service and print company to promote their business?
  11. missionjim

    Why SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc. isn't helping your business

    I've been in the digital marketing world a long time. Life has brought me into the restoration industry and I'd like to give back. First off, no I will not sell you anything. I am starting a restoration business and just want to give back and help other business owners who don't have 10+ years...
  12. Scott W

    Restorers- Do you want more jobs?

    Talking to many restoration managers, they say getting past the gatekeeper, having a chance to talk with adjusters and book a job is a difficult as processing the restoration. Peter Crosa, who is an experienced insurance adjuster and Jeff Cross of Cleanfax are teaching a one day class called...
  13. Jon Grubb

    What's a truckmount?

    (Kidding). Hi all! I'm Jon. I've been in the industry since 2006, joined a franchise system in 2009 (worked for the mothership that is), came to my senses and started my own company in 2013. Here's what I know: 1) advertising and marketing 2) "web" stuff 3) franchise systems 4) list-making...
  14. Derek Wright

    Best Website Practices for Professional Carpet Cleaners

    Looking for the best website tips? Please see attached. #4 may surprise you. For more info click here to visit our blog. Thanks in advance ! Best Website Practices for Professional Carpet Cleaners by Derek Wright posted Jul 6, 2017 at 11:35 AM
  15. Derek Wright

    Best Website Practices for Professional Carpet Cleaners

    Looking for the best website practices? Please see the document attached. #4 may surprise you. Or click here to view our blog with the full content.
  16. shane deubell

    Looking To Target Property Managers This Spring?

    This is a great blog on using a soft selling approach to connect with property management companies. This is a quick blog on selling carpet cleaning to property management companies and commercial property managers. Now the term property manager can change depending on what services you...
  17. Steve621

    First run with EDDM 1k Homes

    I'm starting my first "TEST" run with EDDM 1k Homes. Im running it in upper middle class areas. What can i expect? I would like to hear from people who have done this type of campaign before. post cards are 9 x 13 (Go big or go home right)
  18. shane deubell

    Do YOU Know How To Set Up An Advertising Funnel?

    This is a blog and video example of an advertising sales funnel. A funnel is basically a step by step follow up process for leads. Example Blog
  19. Predict

    Advertising, such thing as to much?

    I'm in my first year of the business. My advertising so far is Google ads and Google maps roughly around 750$ month and it usually doesn't hit the max budget. I live in a town of 70k people with maybe dozen other carpet cleaners. I worry about over advertising. Is there such thing? Spending more...
  20. Cee Bex

    Online Marketing Company Recommendation

    I am doing a shameless plug for my carpet cleaning web guy since he has hooked me up with a local lead generation solution and I am dominating my competition. The guy I work with is Bill Schultz and he and his wife own a digital marketing company in Wisconsin. I told him he could use me as a...
  21. HouseCall Pro

    Turn Website Visitors into Customers

    Do you answer every call? If not, you’re letting leads slip through the cracks. Stop losing thousands of dollars every year by letting those customers drop. Many potential customers search for carpet cleaning services in the evenings after they get home from work. It’s impossible for you or...
  22. S

    Direct Mail EDDM EDDM / Targeted Direct Mail / Other

    Hi All, Thinking of doing EDDM or Direct Mail campaign. has anyone here actually seen good results with these? What are your best tips for such a campaign? We have a tight budget, so we need to focus on the best method, but it's really hard to choose from, especially with the prices going...
  23. gregshulz

    Question about ppc marketing

    Hello, Im recently new to the carpet cleaning business. I currently partnered with a marketing firm (the firm is a premier SMB Google Ad partner). Our PPC budget is 950$ a month. The marketing executive told me that budget should land me about 2 - 3 jobs a day (he will be using key words like...
  24. rccva

    Home Advisor

    Considering trying out Home Advisor, does anyone have any experience with them?
  25. M

    Direct Mail EDDM Finding Homes For Sale

    New here, but I've heard great things! So, the other day my boss came into the office with a mailer he received from a moving company just days after he put his house on the market. Now we are trying to find a list of homes that just hit the market so that we can send a similar mailer offering...