marketing plan

  1. Trekguy

    House Call Pro - Postcard Campaign help!

    I am getting ready to start doing "ongoing campaigns" in House Call Pro. I'm thinking of sending out the postcards every 3 months and I'm not sure as to what to do. I was hoping you all might share with me what you are using for post card pics and what you are putting on the text side of the...
  2. Wayne Byers

    End of Year Benchmarking vs Competition - Get ready for 2016

    Extending this opportunity for all Owners who are interested in receiving a benchmarking analysis vs +10 million transactions in the residential sector. We can help you uncover key areas for optimization in 2016. These key metrics can help you identify areas of improvement and gain further...
  3. Hitman

    Marketing Plan to Get 2016 to a GREAT Start

    Success does NOT happen by accident. You need to plan to be successful. Need some ideas for getting business next year? Here's an entire marketing plan with dozens of proven tactics. Some of these have gotten cleaners over a 40-to-1 return on investment. Feel free to use this as your...