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little giant

  1. P

    Carpet Cleaning Equipment - truck mounted

    Hi all! I'd like to find a home for some industrial truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment. $2,000 or best offer. Needs to be unbolted and removed from a van. Could potentially unbolt before pick-up. Willing to work it out, email with questions. Looking to get rid of it ASAP. Would love to...
  2. Carlo Pro

    Hot2Go Hot Link 12 Volt DC

    Planning to stop using HX and buy this HOT2GO from Northern tools, the think is I ask my interlink supply and they told me they do not do this kind of job (installation). Does anyone Knows where can I take my van to get installed???? I don't want to do it myself Northern said they do not know...
  3. faith452

    Truckmount Water Heating

    Hey guys, I'm looking for more heat from my truck mount, what i have at the moment is a bates big red truckmount it's the gasoline version. It heats water by running it through the engine block, this is pretty decent but it doesn't really get as hot as i would like, what i have been doing is...