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  1. R

    Judson Truckmount and 2010 Ford E-250 for sale!!

    I have a Judson Truckmount with heater and propane tank installed on a 2010 Ford E-250 that I would like to sell if anyone is interested. The Engine has 575 hours on it. The heater is 3 years old. The pump and blower are original. Runs great just time to upgrade. The truck has 371,000...
  2. L

    Judson TNT Truckmount and Van for Sale, Broward County area Florida

    2002 Ford E250 van (clean title in hand) with Judson TNT Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaner. Truckmount includes upgraded Little Giant Heater #4, pro accessory package, 110 gallon freshwater tank and water transfer pump system, and hose reels. Truckmount installed December 2017, only 75 hours on the...
  3. Harry Mullett

    Judson with Auto Pump out

    I am needing to update some tired out equipment and really looking hard at a new Judson. I love the simplicity and have always used propane fired water heaters to maintain the temperatures I like to clean at, so their machines are appealing to me. One question I do have is - - do they offer a...