1. A

    2010 Chevrolet Express Van with HydraMaster Titan 575 Selling at Auction

    2010 Chevrolet Express Van with HydraMaster Titan 575 Selling at Auction Dallas, TX: Disaster Restoration & Carpet Cleaning Company Auction By Order of Secured Creditors Online Only - Selling Absolute - No Minimums - No Reserves - 18% Buyers Premium Featuring All Remaining Assets of a...
  2. P

    Titan 575 solution overheat

    We are running into a problem where the machine is overheating the water in the exhaust heat exchanger and causing a steam lock in the line. It doesn't matter where we set the temperature, it will run ok for a bit, and then it will just overheat. We tried changing the temp selector dial, the...
  3. Sir CleanAlot

    Issue's with Hydramaster xdrive

    Is anyone running a Hydramaster Xdrive? If so have you experienced any issues with it over heating?
  4. Floor Masters Montana

    2006 E350 Box Van

    For Sale Ford E350 Box Van excellent condition, well maintained. Set up with a Steamway Legacy 2100, Hydramaster Rx20, and Rx12, Unit is loaded with all the necessary tools to perform Carpet, and Tile Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Flood Extraction, and Carpet repair. To much to list.For more...
  5. Acc1988

    Boxxer 421 waste tank filter

    Anyone knows where I can get a waste tank filter for a boxxer 421 for under 100 bucks? Waste Tank Filter - 2.5" MPT x 4" Dia. x 10" LONG
  6. Socalproclean

    Heat exchanger divertor door sticks

    Has anyone else had trouble with their divertor door sticking (either open or close) on a 575 or 875 and if so how often do you take it in for repair or replacement?
  7. Matt M

    Hydramaster CDS 4.6 Issue/Help?

    Hey guys I have a Hydramaster cds 4.6 in a 2008 GMC Savana with an issue I need some help with. Today when i was out at my job the van was running just fine but all of a sudden it just died down for a second then came back normal operation. Little while later it happened again but this time the...
  8. Matt M

    Hydramaster CDS/GMC High Idle Module?

    Hey guys, we have a GMC Savanna with the CDS 4.6. The other day it shut down/lost high idle during a job. I switched the machine off gave it a second and tried turning it back on with no luck. I looked under the dash and noticed one of the lights was out on that little module. Luckily, I...
  9. MattWithAdvancedCarpet

    Tornado Damage

    Doing a job this morning in a town hit by a serious tornado. I do a lot of work in this town and am still getting called to clean what is left to clean.
  10. R

    Is 7.5 flow to much for boxxer 423?

    I'm getting a new wand and like the custom length provided by https://shop.truckmountforums.com. His 14" has 5 jets so would 5 by 1.5= 7.5 flow be to much for the boxxer 423? I really don't want another 12" but no way will go with 01 jets
  11. tyrone

    well I found a truck mount

    okay guys if you have been reading my post you know I've been looking for a truck mount. i think i struck gold (hopefully) i found a 2006 ford e 350 187 on body engine replaced two years ago with warranty. the machine inside id a hydra master direct drive cds. the price is 4K. I'm taking it up...
  12. J

    2008 Chevy Express 3500 & HydraMaster CDS 4.8 Overdrive For Sale

    2008 Chevrolet Express 3500 Carpet cleaning van with 126500 miles. Has a 2008 Hydramaster CDS 4.8 Overdrive Salsa with only 4034 hours on unit. Vehicle and carpet machine just completely serviced including all systems flushed and lubed, new tires, alignment, inspection, etc. The CDS 4.8 gives...
  13. rob allen

    Replacing my box truck-What big boy machine should I get?

    Well the time has come to finally retire the old bad boy. She served me well after a rough start when no one including the factory could fix him. I finally found a surgeon in Florida that got him up and running properly. So yes, we went through hell a few times but we pulled out of the fiery...