heat exchanger

  1. Q

    Knocked cleaning exhaust off van now heat is unbearable

    After catching the side exhaust unit on a curb and knocking the whole system off the 2016 CHEVY Van with Butler Truckmount System I had it put back on by a mechanic. There were some obvious liberties talking with the remounting. It was much louder when the cleaning system was engaged and...
  2. Christianscarpet

    Heat exchanger diverter valve HELP

    Hi everyone . I recently had to get rid of my little giant heater because it popped under pressure so I bought a used heat exchanger. It’s hooked up and it produces really good heat but it has a valve to re-direct the exhaust gases to control the water temperature but I don’t have the things...
  3. Carlo Pro

    Hot2Go Hot Link 12 Volt DC

    Planning to stop using HX and buy this HOT2GO from Northern tools, the think is I ask my interlink supply and they told me they do not do this kind of job (installation). Does anyone Knows where can I take my van to get installed???? I don't want to do it myself Northern said they do not know...
  4. Carlo Pro

    More Heat - Little Giant

    Did you modified your Heat Exchangers How many of you guys are using any kind of Propane/Kerosene to boost the heat/Steam of your Truck Mount. PRO's and CON's
  5. Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaning

    New pump problem for TM

    Hello, I could use some help with an issue we are having with a new pump we recently installed on our Amtex Prowler. We spoke to Ben before installing & were told the pump we are using should work fine. I am waiting for Ben to get back to me but I figured it would be a good idea to get some...
  6. R

    Heat exchanger leaking

    My heat exchanger on my Prochem Performer 405 has developed a steady leak probably from freezing. I've pulled it and there is a small crack by the weld on the coil. Before I removed it I could clean for about 5 minutes before my truckmount started to work under a heavy load for about 5 seconds...
  7. B

    Truck Mount not heating

    I am using a Cobalt truck mount made by Blueline equipment which is a heat exchanger unit and it is not producing hot water. I have run the unit multiple times now up to 30 min. at a time with an outside temperature in the upper 40's. I was told by someone to block the vacuum line for a few...