1. Johnnbg

    how to clean tile grout for small jobs

    Small video on how to clean Tile grout with just a few essential items. great if you have to do a SMALL JOB(S) at the top of a building with no lift or if your car is parked quite a way from the Contract.
  2. shooky

    Grout master vs Tile master?

    So I currently use tile master however just discovered grout master. What is the difference?
  3. carpetcleaner68104

    wax in the joint

    Hello techs. i have this floor that we believe the real estate agent tried to put a wax shine on a red brick floor with concrete grout. i was able to use a stripper to remove all the wax on the brick however as you can see by the pic its still in the joints. i used a old school rotovac with...
  4. Shay_OC

    Tile and Grout Cleaning w/Portable

    I have been wanting to start doing tile and grout cleaning with my portable. I have done a few tile jobs with my carpet wand but I'm wanting to get a Turbo Hybrid tile cleaner. I'm not sure if it will run off my portable. I have a Ninja warrior with 500 psi. I'm hoping some of you might have...
  5. Mary Dixon


    THE MOMENT YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! We have winners of the Before/After of 2015 from Truck Mount Forums and our Facebook Truck Mount Forums group page!! If you are one of our eight winners, please private message us to claim your prize!!! You may choose from a container of Grout Master...