grout sealing

  1. Tomin90266

    Polyblend Grout Renew Colorants (40 different colors) with new knee creeper (all unused)

    You will get 40 unused 8oz bottles of 40 different colorants, 4 application bottles, the 40 color sample palette and a brand new Rolling Knee Creeper/Pads with ABS High-Impact Frame, 5 Swivel Castors, Tool Tray and Holder. $495 OBO.....paid $695 for all in late 2019. I numbered the tops of...
  2. PistolPete

    Rac Attack anybody?

    There has to be an easier way to apply clear grout sealer! I've tried all the tools, groutstick, bottle brush, bottle roller, even made a Todd patent pvc stick, but always come back to a bottle by hand on my knees. I bought a HF knee dolly, but after a 2600 sq ft job I need a better way. Does...
  3. L

    Sealing Grout...FYI

    I found this quote on a website (referenced and quoted from TMF), and trying to figure out what this means..."A high-quality sealer will keep your grout protected and looking new for 3-5 years, other sealers that is not as high of quality will only provide you with 1-2 years of protection."...