grout cleaning

  1. V

    Turboforce Cobra help

    Hello, I recently purchased the turboforce cobra for residential grout/tile cleaning. I don't have a truck mount so can I just use this with a pressure washer and shop vac? If so, can anyone recommend what I need exactly to use the tool without a truck mount setup? Thank you!
  2. Tomin90266

    Polyblend Grout Renew Colorants (40 different colors) with new knee creeper (all unused)

    You will get 40 unused 8oz bottles of 40 different colorants, 4 application bottles, the 40 color sample palette and a brand new Rolling Knee Creeper/Pads with ABS High-Impact Frame, 5 Swivel Castors, Tool Tray and Holder. $495 OBO.....paid $695 for all in late 2019. I numbered the tops of...
  3. L

    Long pole or handle for (hand polisher/buffer) motorized grout, tile, scrubber and carpet agitator (Hot Rod Handle)

    Hello, I've spent the last week reading through this forum and was hoping to get a little creative input. I've been using a few different brushes, attached to my drill, to scrub grout lines and tile, carpeted stairs, and stubborn stains in my carpet (before running my Big Green Machine to clean...
  4. Predict

    Grout cleaning with metal brush

    Sorry if this is wrong catagory. I didn't see a tile and grout catagory. In my experience in cleaning grout I been trying a metal brush off and on, and at first got scared of using it in fear of damaging the grout. In time I learned that if I'm gentle with the brush it is safe, but I've been...