fresh water tank

  1. M

    For Sale: 2006 Vortex Model 6008

    Price: $25,000 or best offer. Details: 2006 Vortex with a lot of upgrade including a $10K NEW fresh water tank. This tank is the exact same one being installed in the new Aero Techs. NO more fresh water leaks! All walls lined with plywood and carpet Waterproof carpeting on the floor Always...
  2. Luky

    $3500 economy package

    I've finally decided to part with my old setup. I'm located in Joliet, Illinois, so I would like to see someone coming with a trailer and take following items: Mytee Escape, 230V, quad motors with a 2-6.6" two stage Lambs ( not LX) with a finest upgrade kit @goomer . Escape and generator have...