floor cleaning

  1. J

    Commercial Floor Scrubbers For Sale

    For anyone starting a Cleaning Service in Chicago we have used equipment in great shape. Since the pandemic our business focus changed and have switched our business model to working with deep cleaning, move out cleaning service in Chicago, Airbnb Cleaning among others. Our equipment is used but...
  2. M

    Truckmount Trailer for Sale

    I have a Truckmount Trailer with the Hotshot system on it, everything you see in the picture is included. The heater doesn't work everything else works. Asking $9000, I'm in Orlando Fl. My number is 407-491-5120, Manny Castanos.
  3. shooky

    Hardwood floor cleaning

    Happy Monday Everyone. I would like to expand my services to include hardwood floor cleaning. Based on my research, I've learned the following below. My hesitation is "Am I missing anything?" Please advise and thank you in advance. It's important to know the difference between cleaning and...
  4. Shay_OC

    Tile and Grout Cleaning w/Portable

    I have been wanting to start doing tile and grout cleaning with my portable. I have done a few tile jobs with my carpet wand but I'm wanting to get a Turbo Hybrid tile cleaner. I'm not sure if it will run off my portable. I have a Ninja warrior with 500 psi. I'm hoping some of you might have...