fire restoration

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    Selling Vaportek Vapor Shark

    Asking $400 OBO
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    Selling used Odorox Boss XL3 Hydroxyl Odor

    Well maintained and asking $1500 OBO. It only has 1683 hours of use.
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    How to test the Air Quality after Fire Restoration?

    Need quick ideas to check the quality of air.
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    Selling Used Fireline System for Contents Restoration

    The FIRELINE Series I includes the APW 4800 Pre washer, APC 4800 Ultrasonic Cleaner, Oversize RDS 4800 Rinse Detail Station and TD 8000 High Volume Tunnel Dryer . This production line is in like new condition and was well maintained. Asking $10k for the full system OBO.
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    How Do Fire Restoration Companies Help

    The first 24-48 hours after fire damage are very crucial for recovery. Therefore, restoration should not be postponed as it can then lead to further smoke, water or wind damage and become worse. The professional teams respond to emergencies 24/7. A fire restoration company anywhere, will follow...