1. N

    Drying Equipment for Sale -houston

    I am new here and getting out of the business and friends have told me to reach out on here and possibly help others currently or wanting to start this great venture in the restoration world. I've slowed down in life amd focusing more on family these days and wanted to post some of my equipment...
  2. vzwjustin

    portable Sandia 80-2100

    Hey, y'all I just purchased the "Sandia 80-2100 non-heated Sniper 12-Gallon" that I got on a REALLY good deal. The unit is ok, but it seems it doesn't provide enough cleaning power as the carpet sometimes is clearly still wet even after multiple dry passes with a 1.5" 25ft hose on multiple...
  3. J

    Selling Dri-Eaz Flood Pumper

    Ask $800 OBO
  4. J

    Selling Dri-Eaz Rover HVE High Volume Extractor

    Asking $1800 OBO.
  5. N

    VonSchrader VS2 Upholstery Extractor w/Hoses, Extraction Head, Foaming Head, Bag

    VonSchrader VS2 Upholstery Extractor w/ Hoses, Vacuum/Extraction Head, Power Foaming Head, Power Cord, User's Manual and Accessory Carrying Bag $1500 shipped OBO This upholstery extractor is used and works without any issues. The hard plastic case has a small hole in it right under the...
  6. A

    2006 GMC 3500 Clean Co Compact 47

    Up for sale is a 2006 GMC 3500 extractor van, with only 144542 miles. Cleanco compact 47 extractor unit with ONLY 550 hours. Great condition complete with on board electric hose reel and water tank assembly. All Services has been professionally maintained locally. Turn key ready to use...
  7. Joe The plumber

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages, whats is your thoughts about it?

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages With 143 Water Lift & with 190 CFM What is your experience using it or what is your thoughts about it? How effective is the 360i when operating it with the Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages? Is it a low maintenance? Does it have issues often? Do you guys think...
  8. J

    A few questions about Goliath if you used it please share your feedback

    Hi A few questions about the Goliath flood pump extractor. 1. Is it easy to move it and handle it like a regular extractor, carry in stairs and etc...? 2. How many cords it have? A) is it have regular cords that can be plug anywhere in someone house to a regular electric outlet? B) how...

    Tennant Nobles EX-SC-716 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor

    We have a bunch of these in stock. Great for maintenance cleaning in schools, movie theaters and other large areas. $1399 plus freight. Tennant’s EX-SC-716 Deep Cleaning Carpet Extractor cleans small areas and fits under furniture for a more complete clean: Clean under desks and counters with...
  10. spencer5356

    Hydroforce SX-12 for Sale. Tile/ Hard Surface Spinner $400... Southern CA

    Selling my Hydroforce for a good price. I will sell it for $400 + shipping Condition is good. Not perfect. There are scratches on the front of the tool. As far as I am aware it functions very well. I am only selling because I will no longer be cleaning. Selling all tools and product Here are...
  11. M

    Best Portable Extractor for Zipper Wand

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if any of you have recommendations of a portable extractor for using a Zipper wand. I'm looking to spend anywhere from $2.000-$3,000 on one (used or new). I'll be using it for commercial purposes at a property I'll be doing turn arounds for, and want to make a...
  12. LucasKeenan

    Help! Is this a good deal?

    Hey guys, So a local cleaning company is selling their van and truck mount for $2,500. Its a 98 Chevy and comes with a hydro master, wand, and hoses. It runs good. Only thing is - apparently the fill tank needs to be welded. I could sell my motorcycle tomorrow and get this puppy. Is this a...