equipment suggestions

  1. J

    Canadian Startup

    Hi all, I'm looking to start a small residential service which would be a one-man operation for now and be operated out of a pickup truck. I know it's not optimal, but it's all I have. My personal life, and now business life took an unexpected turn so I'm looking for some advice. I would be...
  2. newcarpetguy84

    New to carpet clean business

    Hey everyone, I’m new and look to get into carpet cleaning? Would what would be a nice set up for a TM, what size of van would work? Would you use a compact cargo? Or would you need something longer? Trying to find a great place to start from Chems to Wands thanks everyone for your help
  3. K

    Best Heated Portable for around $3k

    Looking for a heated portable as a spare/backup for carpet and upholstery cleaning where the truckmount isn't accessible (apartments, not a ton of commercial but some). The ability to clean tile with it would be a huge bonus. What specs matter the most? Would like to compare Nautilus, Ninja...
  4. Joe The plumber

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages, whats is your thoughts about it?

    Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages With 143 Water Lift & with 190 CFM What is your experience using it or what is your thoughts about it? How effective is the 360i when operating it with the Enduro 3500 500PSI Dual 3 stages? Is it a low maintenance? Does it have issues often? Do you guys think...
  5. K Wiens

    Little to invest, hard work ethic, rural area HELP!?!?

    My name is Kris and I am moving from beautiful Colorado with my wife and 15 month little girl to Iowa where her side of the family lives. The area we are moving to temporarily, with her folks, is VERY rural. Our goal is to buy a cheap home out there since we could use our equity from our...