1. SomeC

    Business growing too fast - need help with VLM equipment

    Hey yal, my name is Peircen and my cleaning business is growing too fast. I do house cleaning and the occasional "carpet cleaning" with a Bissel Big Green push extractor(yes I know it sucks). I am in need of a major upgrade and was looking towards VLM carpet cleaning with the Bissel Commercial...
  2. memtndude

    Which brushes for encapsulation with CRB?

    I have just purchased a new CRB. I plan on using it on some of my commercial jobs for intermittent encapsulation cleaning, between the regularly scheduled HWA cleanings. Which types of brushes do I use to accomplish this? The regular blue ones that come with it, or do I need something...
  3. C

    Selling CarpetMax VLM Encapsulation Beast

    Hello, I am selling 1 of my CarpetMax's which were produced by BonnetPro. This particular unit only has 38hrs on it. Barely broken in! New Batteries were installed last year. Clean up too 22,000sqft on a single charge. It comes with a battery charger, 2 multi brush heads which can hold either...
  4. arrohmei

    What is your preferred method of Encap cleaning?

    Starting out I have used a bonnet cleaner while pre-spraying the encap down. I found this method to be a little more time consuming than running the encap through the bonnet driver itself, but it saves on Chem and drys a bit quicker. I also am not a fan of Encap ONLY cleaning. I use it as a...
  5. N

    Need advice on cleaning hotel carpets using Encap

    So I am about to land a job cleaning the carpets of a 14 floor hotel. I will be cleaning the hallways, rooms and 3 ballrooms on a quarterly basis. All I have is a 1200 psi portable (which does not have a fresh water tank it has to be hooked up to a water source), a 175 machine, bonnet pro...
  6. K

    Best type of carpet for encapsulation cleaning

    Hi everybody, New here on this forum. What is the best type of carpet to clean using the encapsulation method? I was asked by a commercial account of mine what the ideal choice of carpet would be for them. Thanks a lot.
  7. rccva

    Rotovac 360XL for encap

    Has anyone used the 360XL for bonnet cleaning? Looking to do some encap on a couple properties and not ready to dive into some expensive equipment, so I thought maybe I can use my XL. Any opinions? HA!!! AS IF YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE OPINIONS!
  8. T

    New VLM start up. Need thoughts and opinions

    Ok, so I am in the midst of starting a cc and repair business. I have everything I need for repairs and reinstallations. I also just purchased a NaceCare Duplex DP420, similar to a Rotowash. Two counterrotating brushes @ 760rpm with twin conveyer belts that lift the dirt and moisture off of the...
  9. L

    10" CRB Brushpro For Sale...Used 3 Times...

    Thought it could help me out with tile and grout cleaning...Used 3 times. Like New, Barely Used...email me at [email protected] $1750.00...Located in Las Vegas, NV Shipped if you paying...Has all the bells and whistles with 3 sets of brushes for different surfaces as well as shorty handle for...
  10. S

    WOW! talk about confusion!! Advise PLEASE!!!

    Ok...I'm new on TMF, I absolutely love this place! I've worked in the industry for a while, for a franchise carpet cleaner that starts with Z and ends with Z and cleans with ZERO REZidue...(hmmmm) (cough)....but enough of that. I no longer work there. I recently bought a van with a Hydramaster...
  11. Voxbrethren

    Which 175 Should I buy for Bonnet Cleaning/Encap?

    I need some advice on which Machine I can buy to do bonnet/encap cleaning. I want to get into doing more commercial carpet as well as floor work. Any advice or recommendations are appreciated