1. SomeC

    Business growing too fast - need help with VLM equipment

    Hey yal, my name is Peircen and my cleaning business is growing too fast. I do house cleaning and the occasional "carpet cleaning" with a Bissel Big Green push extractor(yes I know it sucks). I am in need of a major upgrade and was looking towards VLM carpet cleaning with the Bissel Commercial...
  2. T

    20 Inch Brush Pro Encap machines for sale

    I have 2 20 inch Brush Pro Encap machines. 1 Is brand new in the box, the other has been used 3 times. Both come with trays, dust covers, and renovators. Buyer pays shipping. These sell for $3300. Selling slightly used one for $2500, and new in box one $2800. Will get more pics
  3. N

    Need advice on cleaning hotel carpets using Encap

    So I am about to land a job cleaning the carpets of a 14 floor hotel. I will be cleaning the hallways, rooms and 3 ballrooms on a quarterly basis. All I have is a 1200 psi portable (which does not have a fresh water tank it has to be hooked up to a water source), a 175 machine, bonnet pro...
  4. D

    Boost all traffic lanes

    I used revive it oxy spotter in a spray bottle and love it. Used it on general spotting, traffic lane rtc that didn’t cone up with prespray and oreck agitation, HWE with extraction detergent. I spray it on agitate and extract....works great.... but wondering about cheaper option... the power...
  5. D

    Encap wicking

    Used revive it rocket and revive it oxy spotter(absolutely love) on CGD , sprayed rocket down then used oreck then used spotter and oreck bonnet in leftover spots. Everwhere I used the encap spotter it came back in three days. Its wick back, not tracking up. Any suggestions? I used same...
  6. E

    Should I buy a op machine?

    I am a VLM cleaner with a portable that doesn’t leave the van much. I use a 175 with fiber pads/brush and then bonnets. I get good results but takes more work to get there. Would you guys buy a OP machine? Or keep the 175 and get a CRB?
  7. RRRyan

    Encap Experiment(pics): Newbie w/ 175

    (Warning: cheap newbie doing an experiment. Helpful criticism welcomed. I want to Encap Carpet clean the carpet in my room. Carpet condition: some black stains, dirty, not super soiled. Here's my tools 1. 175 Clarke American Sander 16 (rented $25) 2. Scrub brush "20 3. Bonnet w/ green...
  8. RRRyan

    Review My Small Business Plan

    I've been reading TMF for the past week obsessively. I never knew I'd really get into Carpet Cleaning. I have a few family houses lined up to clean and I'm starting on a small budget. So I have 3 jobs lined up. review my plan... I have a truck $0 Built a small website & verified Google...