email marketing

  1. Dave Weidlich

    How to get more clicks to your website

    I found out how to get more social media engagement! Post a nasty picture like this one. I got more clicks on Facebook and my email newsletter too. More clicks to my website. Ugly sells!
  2. Beeks

    Email Marketing Strategy

    We have been using MailChimp for the last 4 years to stay in touch with our past clients by email communication. We currently send 4 automated emails, beginning with; a day after cleaning follow up and review asking email, at 2 weeks a referral email, month and half in "did you know about our...
  3. Spotless Flooring

    Email Marketing Bait?

    I'm starting up an email mailing subscription. I was curious for those of you doing similar things... What do you use to entice clients/visitors of your site??? My digital marketing professional suggests "a download… like … 5 Top Tip on Keeping your Carpet Clean, or 5 Ways to Spot Clean those...
  4. HouseCall Pro

    Step Up Your Email Subject Lines!

    Are you taking advantage of email marketing to boost repeat business, customer loyalty, and your bottom line? If not, now is the time to start. Hit a home run with your email marketing campaigns by writing exciting subjects! Check out all of the the DOs and DON'Ts of subject lines on our blog.