dry cleaning

  1. pgcleaner

    What's the deal with designer fabric?

    I have run into a few of these tags lately. (Pic attached). People tell me I can shampoo and dry vac it with no danger...but the chemical is water based....... Tag says "steam cleaning causes excessive staining"...but, there is no tag with the actual names of the fiber. It looks like fake...
  2. arrohmei

    What is your preferred method of Encap cleaning?

    Starting out I have used a bonnet cleaner while pre-spraying the encap down. I found this method to be a little more time consuming than running the encap through the bonnet driver itself, but it saves on Chem and drys a bit quicker. I also am not a fan of Encap ONLY cleaning. I use it as a...
  3. K

    Best type of carpet for encapsulation cleaning

    Hi everybody, New here on this forum. What is the best type of carpet to clean using the encapsulation method? I was asked by a commercial account of mine what the ideal choice of carpet would be for them. Thanks a lot.
  4. VividCleaning

    Need Help With Viscose / Rayon Upholstery Cleaning Methods

    So lately as I am doing more and more upholstery cleaning I keep running into Viscose/Rayon furniture more often. For more durable fabric I still use a Steam cleaning but only after I explain all the risks to the client so far I haven't run into any problems but I am using only One Earth Rug and...