1. T

    20 Inch Brush Pro Encap machines for sale

    I have 2 20 inch Brush Pro Encap machines. 1 Is brand new in the box, the other has been used 3 times. Both come with trays, dust covers, and renovators. Buyer pays shipping. These sell for $3300. Selling slightly used one for $2500, and new in box one $2800. Will get more pics
  2. Dave Weidlich

    HostDry - Racine Industries. What's Happening?

    Racine Industries, which manufactures Host machines and Host Dry Carpet Cleaner ("microsponges") seems to be in trouble. A recent newsletter admitted to "RI’s bizarre cash crunch experience." They stopped manufacturing machines and other cleaning products. Currently, you can order 12# buckets of...
  3. C

    New Starter - Feedback on my proposed set-up?

    Hi Guys, I have spent a fair bit of time lurking here, thanks in already for all the good information I have already found. I am looking to start a new business, I currently work in another industry but want a chance with a business that keeps me active and a bit of autonomy. Before I pull the...
  4. L

    Are all CRBs created equal?

    I've been noticing a wide variation on pricing for new CRBs on the market for the same sized machine. For example, I've seen 17" models from $1997 to +$3300. Is the pricier model that much better? Does one scrub the carpet that much more? I can see a $100-200 variation one way or another, but...
  5. N

    Tm3 10" crb

    Like new tm3 crb 10". $1700
  6. admin

    CRB SALE with Chemicals + VLM Online Course + 1 Year Access!

    1 FREE Container of Rob's Secret Formula FREE VLM/ENCAPSULATION ONLINE COURSE $298 + 1 YEAR ACCESS! LIMITED TIME UP TO 50% OFF SHIPPING! Machine base 15" MODEL 1 set of renovators 1 set of dust covers 1 transport trolley 1 set of standard blue brushes 3 ft power cord This is a limited time...
  7. T

    New VLM start up. Need thoughts and opinions

    Ok, so I am in the midst of starting a cc and repair business. I have everything I need for repairs and reinstallations. I also just purchased a NaceCare Duplex DP420, similar to a Rotowash. Two counterrotating brushes @ 760rpm with twin conveyer belts that lift the dirt and moisture off of the...