commercial carpet cleaning

  1. J

    Carpet Cleaning Alexandria

    Carpet Cleaning Alexandria offers the best cleaning experience in Virginia. We specialize in carpet and upholstery cleaning by using green products only, our staff is well trained and polite, call today and enjoy our services.
  2. E

    Certified® Pile Brush - Model S110 The Only Dry Extraction Machine in the Industry

    Certified® Pile Brush Model S110 Original cost: $2,375.23 Asking: $1099 EXCELLENT CONDITION! INCLUDES ORIGINAL RECEIPT, MANUAL, AND PAPERWORK. Used only twice. Includes lots of bags. Feel free to contact/call/text 760-490-3391 I will deliver to the Southern California area. Keep scrolling...
  3. nfcleaningnyc

    Major reasons why a company needs office cleaning services?

    A clean surrounding is all that it takes to keep the present generation motivated and encouraged. The environment plays a major role in how happy and productive you and your employees are during the day. Nobody likes to work in a polluted or smelly space. If you have an office space which is...
  4. K Wiens

    OLD coffee stains won't come out of Commercial Carpet (church)

    Okay, I have tried using: 1. baking soda/vinegar (Followed by Hot water extraction) 2. SPOT Remover by TECH 3. I even purchased the grey tool box from with the biology lab inside THE STAINS WON'T COME All the way out! HELP!!! I also have a Corn based Carpet with pet liquid/stains...
  5. shane deubell

    Selling Commercial Work Door To Door

    This is a quick little video on selling commercial carpet & tile cleaning door to door.
  6. shane deubell

    Figuring Out Commercial Carpet Cleaning Production Rates

    This is a quick video on figuring out commercial carpet cleaning production rates. See, once we know how many hours a job will take then it is easy to times by an hourly rate good for us. $150- $200 is great for commercial.
  7. shane deubell

    Top 10 Commercial Marketing Strategies

    Quick video on commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial, commercial anything really marketing strategies.
  8. Gary Walsh

    Commercial Cleaning Newsletters

    Looking for a CC (carpet, floors & upholstery) newsletter specific to that market. Only found one on a Google search.... got to be more! Any suggestions?